Based on a natural dialogue between driver and vehicle, BMW iDrive offers you a driving experience tailored to your personal preferences.

BMW iDrive lets you experience an entirely intuitive In-Car Experience. BMW iDrive brings together the BMW Operating System, a new generation of display and operating elements, and ultra-high-performance connectivity. Having the right information at the right spot directly on your BMW Curved Display transforms your car into a multi-sensory experience.

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The evolution of the BMW Operating System gives you a user interface with intuitive quicklist, live widgets, and a touch- and voice-optimised operating system.
BMW interior User interface on BMW Curved Display

User inferface with QuickSelect.

The new user interface with QuickSelect is clear and intuitive. Its optimised menu structure with symbols, including the Home button at the bottom of the screen, takes you straight to the start screen or other frequently used menus, such as air conditioning, at any time. In the background, the navigation map or other individually selectable displays, such as My Modes, remain constantly visible.

BMW interior BMW Curved Display with widgets and My Modes background

Personalised and interactive with live widgets.

On the driver's side are live widgets that display key information at a glance – even before you open the app. Swiping vertically switches between widgets. They display information including the current vehicle status or weather. So now you can see what's important at a glance. The individually selectable features, such as My Modes, are always visible in the background.

BMW interior BMW Curved Display woman operates menu via touch

Intuitive to use by touch and voice control.

The design and menus are inspired by smartphones and systematically designed for touch and voice control. Widgets let you enjoy intuitive navigation by swiping. Touch control provides direct access to a function and configuration of further settings. 


BMW iDrive with QuickSelect in video


BMW interior man looking at BMW Maps on display with Operating System 8.5

The BMW Operating System 8.5 allows you to navigate all menus on one level by touch, voice control, or using the BMW iDrive Controller. And the start screen with QuickSelect is clearly and intuitively optimised for the BMW Curved Display. You can use icons along the bottom edge of the screen to go directly to the media, air conditioning, and main menus, for phone and navigation, or to return to the start screen at any time.


BMW interior BMW Maps on display with Operating System 9

The BMW Operating System 9 is just as easy, intuitive, and straightforward to use as the BMW Operating System 8.5 – by touch and voice control. You can also use many connectivity services and apps, such as navigation, phone, and the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, for an unlimited period. 


BMW iDrive gives you the latest generation of display and operating elements. Enjoy a brilliant display and intuitive operation based on the new BMW Operating System.
BMW interior with BMW Curved Display

BMW Curved Display.

The slim and frameless BMW Curved Display with touch and voice control is a real statement feature and, at the same time, your central interface with BMW iDrive.

BMW interior with BMW head-up Display

BMW head-up display.

Keep everything in sight. The BMW head-up display projects navigation and driving directions directly into your field of view. You can now stay fully focussed on the traffic.

BMW interior with multifunctional steering wheel and BMW Curved Display

Multifunctional steering wheel.

Various, ergonomically arranged steering wheel buttons allow you to operate telephone, voice, and audio functions. You can also operate assistance systems, including Cruise Control, conveniently without taking your hands off the steering wheel.


BMW ConnectedDrive digital products and services offer you a wealth of useful functions, such as the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. These smart and innovative features are designed to enhance your BMW iDrive experience.
BMW interior woman looks at BMW Curved Display

Personalisation through the BMW ID.

Make any BMW your own. Thanks to your personal BMW ID, every BMW knows your individual settings. Apart from the seat and mirror position, My Modes and the digital displays adjust to your previously defined preferences and needs.

BMW interior BMW Curved Display and steering wheel

BMW ConnectedDrive Upgrades.

BMW ConnectedDrive Upgrades keep your BMW up to date digitally. You now receive regular functional upgrades and improvements via Remote Software Upgrades. You can also flexibly book additional new, individual features and packages in the BMW ConnectedDrive Store. 

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BMW interior BMW Curved Display and steering wheel

BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant.

Always there for you: the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. Use your natural voice to intuitively operate various vehicle functions or get information about the vehicle’s condition and the route. Your in-car digital expert is also happy to explain all the features of your BMW.


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BMW ConnectedDrive overview woman with smartphone in front of BMW


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