There are many good reasons for choosing a BMW Premium Selection vehicle.
A good feeling is just one! After all, when you visit your BMW Premium Selection partner, you can rely on your vehicle being in the best possible condition. And then as a proud owner, you can profit from the many exclusive BMW services.

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Choosing a BMW Premium Selection pre-owned vehicle means you can be sure of having made a good decision. This is because the vehicle will have already successfully completed extensive checks before it receives the BMW Premium Selection certificate. Your BMW Premium Selection vehicle also lets you enjoy a wide range of warranty and mobility services, is guaranteed to be at most 5 years old and has a maximum mileage of 120,000 km.

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BMW Premium Selection vehicles are exclusively available from BMW Premium Selection participants. Our young pre-owned vehicles meet the highest standards, because in terms of optical or technical details, the interior or exterior: every BMW Premium Selection vehicle has successfully completed our rigorous vehicle check and complies 100 per cent with all the precisely defined product standards.


When you buy a pre-owned vehicle, you want to know everything: about the previous owners, customer service, any accidents and repairs. This is why every certified pre-owned vehicle from BMW also has a complete, approved vehicle history.

  • BMW Mobile Care

    BMW sets standards – and in terms of service, too. To make you sure you can rely on this high standard, even in the event of a breakdown, an accident or in a case of theft, we have developed BMW Mobile Care for you: an exceptional package of mobility services.

  • Leasing and Finance

    Your BMW Premium Selection partner will offer you attractive leasing or finance offers for every BMW Premium Selection vehicle.

  • Test Drive

    Your BMW Premium Selection of your choice is available for a test drive whenever you wish.

  • Trade-in Offers

    When you by a BMW Premium Selection vehicle, you additionally benefit from a fair market trade-in offer for your previous vehicle.


In the prime of life.

Only the best - that’s what the BMW Premium Selection delivers. Only the highest-quality vehicles with proven technical superiority make the grade and become a part of this exclusive range of certified pre-owned vehicles. Each vehicle must first undergo a range of checks performed by factory-trained experts and fulfil exacting national standards regarding the age and mileage of the vehicle. BMW also guarantees each driver a complete service history.
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Peace of mind.

The BMW Premium Selection programme offers a national warranty with superior terms and conditions. Being a BMW owner means expecting the highest levels of quality and service. A complete warranty on all mechanical and electronic vehicle parts ensures that you can enjoy life as a worry-free BMW driver for a long time to come.
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There's nothing like being sure.

Our customers’ highest demands set the benchmarks. At BMW, our trained experts are equipped with the most advanced diagnostic technology for testing every aspect of your vehicle’s condition. The visual, technical and custom-built features of each vehicle are inspected according to nationally defined product standards. We leave no margin for error - so that our drivers are ensured top quality vehicles.
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Risk-free. Tailor-made.

Put BMW’s experience and know-how to work for you. Take advantage of attractive finance options for a BMW Premium Selection Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle. BMW Financial Services enables you to pay for your vehicle in instalments that specifically cater to your budgeting requirements. Our BMW dealers are waiting to assist you.
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Honest and open.

BMW trade-ins transform a challenging process into an easy decision: your national BMW Premium Selection partner guarantees an excellent deal for your current vehicle. Based on objective, we determine the current market value of your vehicle and make you a personalized offer. Owning a BMW Premium Selection vehicle couldn’t be more attractive. Find out more by simply asking your local authorised BMW dealer.
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Expert and accessible.

Allow our expertise work for you when purchasing a BMW pre-owned vehicle. Ask your local authorised BMW Premium Selection partner about delivery, warranty and leasing and financing conditions. Use your BMW website to locate your nearest dealer and arrange a test drive.
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